Request to remove the anomaly in the period of holidays for summer vacation.

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Subject:- Request to remove the anomaly in the period of holidays for summer vacation.

Respected Sir ,

At the very outset, I apologise for encroaching upon your valuable time. I would like to mention the following points for your kind perusal and sympathetic action please.

(1)  There is anomaly in the period of holidays fixed for summer vacation during the academic session 2014-15 for the KV staff of Delhi Region.

(2) The staff members of KVs are entitled to avail 40 and 50 days  of holiday in Delhi and other summer stations respectively.

(3) In the KVs under Delhi Region the summer holidays are commencing from14th of May and the Vidyalayas are re-opening on 23rd of June.

(4) Since 14th of May is a Gazetted holiday due to Buddha Purnima,it should not be included in the period of holidays. If we calculate the summer holidays from 15th, the total duration will be only 39 days.

(4) The previous year, the summer holidays started in Delhi Region from 15th of May.(5) The decision to commence the summer holidays from 14th of May seems to be arbitrary to deprive the staff members the privilege of one holiday.

I, therefore, humbly request you to rectify this anomaly and make necessary amendment in the period of summer holidays excluding 14th of May from the total calculation. Either the re-opening may be extended to 24th of June or the staff members of Delhi region and other regions may be provided an additional holiday.


Thanking you sir


Yours sincerely


P V Chhikara

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