A major setback for KV Teachers as AIKVTA lost the case in CAT

Dear K V Teachers
I would like to inform you that AIKVTA has lost the case OA–1057/2012 filed by them in CAT and Hon. CAT Principal Bench has given the verdict against them on 7.03.2014 at 4 pm. On 26 February, 2014 a letter was uploaded on their website and Facebook that they have won the case regarding rollback of enhanced working hours and the same was widely circulated on whats app. Its a matter of regret that they have lost the case which would have been a stepping stone in our struggle against enhanced working hours. But I felt very pained and disheartened when I realised that they are spreading such rumours to gain cheap popularity and
approbation. One should not misguide and play with the sentiment of the teachers on such a crucial matter. It seems that they do not believe in doing anything substantial but gain appreciation of the teachers by posting letters etc. on Facebook and website. We donot believe in falsehood. We believe in doing things rather than posting every trivial matter on our website. Please visit KVPSS website for getting tested and trusted information.
Jai Hind

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