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  8. 2nd Reminder of Non Payment of salary to the staff members of Kendriya Vidyalaya Jagi Road & Kendriya Vidyalaya HPC Panchgram (Assam) –regarding
  9. Request to extend the cut off rate upto 30-04-2018 instead of 01-04-2018 for the recruitment of the post of TGTs through LDE
  10. Request to remove discrepancies in Recruitment rules of PGT (Hindi) through LDE
  11. Request to remove discrepancies in Recruitment rules of Vice-Principal through LDE (Hindi Version also uploaded)
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  16. Information of Adhoc REC of KVPSS,Guwahati Region-Regarding
  17. Request for release of salaries and Arrears of the last seven months in respect of employees of Kendriya Vidyalaya Jagi Road and Kendriya Vidyalaya Panchagram.
  18. Salaries and other dues in respect of KV Jagi Road and KV HPC Panchgram(Assam) – regarding
  19. The jurisdiction of KV Tikamgarh transferred from KVS, RO, Jabalpur to KVS, RO ,Bhopal -regarding
  20. Composition of grievance redressal committee for the redressal of greivances of SCs/STs of KVS-regarding